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Outdoor Catering Menu

One of the most palate-favourite Indian caterers in Hounslow, Sangeetha Restaurant has three decades of experience and reputation in catering offers live dosa catering, dosa caterers at home and live dosa party at home. We guarantee authentic flavours and are dedicated to providing only the highest quality service. And we approach every new project with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism.


Being a go-to dosa place in Hounslow, onsite live dosa catering is one of our top specialties.

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Plain Dosa
Masala Dosa
Ghee Roast
Mix Veg Uthappam
Podi Dos
Ghee Podi Dosa
Onion Dosa
Medhu Vada
Onion Chilly Uthappam
Idly or Veg Biryani (with Raitha)

It's hard to find a decent Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Chelsea with authentic South Indian delicacies. I often end up getting a takeaway from Wembley or Tooting until I was recommended by a colleague to try Sangeetha.

The food experience was totally traditional in the way, every dish had a burst of authentic flavours and textures which had a mix of South Indian feel to its core. Would definitely recommend to all food lovers who wish to experience a totally 100% authentic Indian (South) Restaurant.

I ordered a South Indian Thali (with Poori) along with a portion of Medhu vada. The travel time for a taxi delivery from Hounslow to Chelsea is around 45 min - 1 hour (rush hour). The food remained fresh and Medhu Vada was crispy on the core and when dipped in chutneys (Coconut & Tomato), it was heavenly. The best MEDU VADA in London... South Indian Thali with Poori, Korma, Sambar, Kadhi, Kuzhambu, Rasam. Poriyal, Curd, appalam is totally worth the one hour wait.

Totally mesmerizing experience and would definitely recommend it. This afternoon, I ordered a Sangeetha Special Biryani (served with Gobi 65) along with Medhu Vada and that experience requires another review.

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