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With a presence of nearly three decades, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant has emerged as one of Chennai’s landmarks and with the ever increasing love of our customers, our main focus is to provide quality food at all times. 

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant was started in 1984 in a small way at Armenian Street, Chennai as a vegetarian restaurant serving South Indian food. The name “Sangeetha” started getting familiar with the Indians abroad as well and with their support the group has started stretching its hands abroad. Hailing from Southern India, our cuisine is based on Udupi and Chettinad style of cooking with freshly grounded masalas and Indian spices. At present the group has grown rapidly with over 35 outlets in Chennai and 15 units abroad including the United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Malaysia, France and Hong Kong. We are constantly recreating our menu and we also offer a variety of North Indian and Chinese items in our menu. Offering quality food with utmost hygiene has always been our primary focus. We achieve this with the constant support of our employees which enable us to provide traditional and authentic Indian food to our customers. 

Founders of Sangeetha

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