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Chef Vacancy

Job Title:  Head Chef

Location : Pinner

Salary:  GBP 29000/annum

Duties and Responsibilities


1) Manage and supervise kitchen staff's activites, guide, and train them.

2) Be a leader and single point of contact for management for the kitchen related affairs.

3) Prepare and cook a range of Indian vegetarian dishes as set out in the restaurant menu including south and North Indian curries and Varieties.

4) Prepare delicious, hygienic, and healthy food according to business principles of Restaurant. Introduce an exciting dish of the month at the beginning of every month to keep customer interested.

5) Prepare special dishes for special occasions

6) Maintain the taste and quality of dishes which are prepared daily to ensure regular customers and satisfied.

7) Carry out month-end food stock taking

8) Manage day to day ordering of food for a section in line with the UK purchasing guidelines. Ensure food prepared is the highest possible standerds.

9) Controlling portion sizes in accordance with food specifications.

10) Make food according to standerd recipes, portion yields and within agreed time limits and minimum wastage.

11) Deal with food complaints efficiently.


Interested Candidates Can Contact

Mr. Gabriel Dias
Phone: 07463 144440

Professional Chef
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